How to record your 3MT

In this page we go over how to record your 3 Minute Thesis as a PowerPoint slide with attached audio.


Make sure you have a microphone connected (if you’re on a laptop, you probably have one built-in). Check to make sure it’s recording well and clear, otherwise consider using audio from your phone. 

Live Recording: Application Workshop

This 3 part series includes everything you need to know about the UBC 3MT program!


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Part 3: Tips & Questions

Recording your 3MT can be daunting at first, but following this guide will make it quick and easy to record your 3 Minute Thesis..


Recording via PowerPoint can vary between version of PowerPoint and whether you’re on Windows or Mac.

1. Finish your 3 Minute Thesis script and your PowerPoint slide.

2. Open up the “Slide Show” tab from the ribbon bar in PowerPoint. Press “Record Slideshow” to open up the recording screen.

3. This next screen is where you can begin recording! Take a few deep breaths to collect yourself while you get ready to record.

For some versions of PowerPoint, it may have already started recording: simply pause/restart when you’re ready.

On PowerPoint for Mac, the timer in the top left of the screen was counting up: showing that it was recording! Press the little “refresh” icon to enter a neutral state.

For Windows users, your screen probably looks like this. It won’t record until you press the “Record” button. 

PowerPoint may default to recording from your webcam as well: in the bottom right hand of the screen there is an icon of a microphone and camcorder. Make sure the camcorder is toggled off (i.e. a line through it), while the microphone remains on.

4. Start recording by pressing the record button! Once you’re happy with your recording, press pause (on Mac), or stop (on Windows).

There’s no obvious way to re-play your recording on Mac, but when you exit out of the screen, you’ll be prompted to save your new slide timings: click yes! 


Once you’re back to the normal PowerPoint view, the bottom right corner of the slide will have a speaker icon. Hovering over it will let you re-play your recording!

For Windows users, once you press record, you’re ready to begin. There’s a replay button to play back your recording once you’re finished. If it all looks good, exit out of the recording screen and you’ll see a speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the slide, which will let you play back your recording. 

6. Make sure your PowerPoint has attached audio that works – do a test run by sending yourself an email with your PowerPoint to see if it has gone through. Once you feel confident your PowerPoint with attached audio is ready, submit it alongside your information and Consent Form on our Qualtrics survey. 

NOTE: This page has been recently edited – if you have already completed the 2019-20 version of the 3MT, please submit as you would (YouTube video and consent form emailed to us) – this will not affect your consideration for the live event. We apologize for any confusion. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We want to ensure all interested applicants have an equal chance of applying.