Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What if I don’t have any results or data ready to present by the time I apply?
A: For your application, we’re not looking for content so much as how you present it. We expect that at this point, you have your background information and hypothesis down pat. Even if you don’t have any results or paper written, that alone is good enough to present!

Q: I’ve never heard of a 3 minute thesis – what does it look like?
A: Check out our example 3MT!

Q: I’m not sure if I’m eligible – what do I do?
A: If you’re not sure based on the eligibility page, feel free to email us at

Q: I don’t do STEM-related work – am I still eligible?
A: YES; we highly encourage students in ANY field to apply to this competition. As long as you are a UBC student in a thesis/capstone-based course, we are happy to receive your application. 

Q: What should I use to record my 3MT?
A: You are required to use PowerPoint to record your 3MT audio. Alternatively, you may upload an audio file from your phone to a static PowerPoint.

Q: Another student and I are in the same research group on a similar project – can we still apply to this competition? 
A: You can apply individually but cannot submit a group 3MT. Since the competition is about communicating your research, the emphasis of this event is on your individual ability to communicate rather than the project idea itself. 

Q: Can I present my 3MT as a rap or spoken poetry or interpretative dance? 
A: Unfortunately, no. The rules for the contest can be found hereThese rules are in line with the University of Queensland’s original 3MT competition which, again, emphasizes your ability to communicate your work. Failure to follow them will result in disqualification.


Q: Why should I be interested in adjudicating? 
A: For the small amount of time you have to commit, you can have a great impact on students by giving them valuable feedback. This will also help expose students to the idea of presenting their research to crowds that may be unfamiliar to their work in the general public, social media, and at conferences in the future!

Q: How much time do I have to dedicate to this? 
A: An individual portion where adjudicators will provide students written feedback from the comfort of their own home will take approximately 1-2 hours. We have one adjudication day on February 10th, 2022 which will be 1-2 hours. 

Q: Can I be an adjudicator if my student is applying?
A: Yes, you can still adjudicate! Please let us know if this is the case and we will prevent any conflict of interests.

Q: Can I adjudicate in the final round?
A: We’re glad you asked! If you are interested in adjudicating the live event on March 5th, 2021, please email us at as soon as possible and we will let you know if you will be a part of the final round.