Top 10 Finalists

List of the top entries from each year’s competition.

2019/20 Top Finalists

The Role of Prelimbic Cortex and Behavioural Flexibility
Angela Chuang

The Relationship Between Social Support and Self-Compassion
Maggie Coval

The Development of the Quantifier “some” in Children
Paris Gappmayr

A cosmic game of hide and seek: Why velocity kicks are important for solving the mystery of missing white dwarfs
Steffani Grondin

Geospatial Correlates of Air Pollution Dose – Fixed Site vs Wearable Sensors
Andy Hung

Bilingual Infants’ Word Class Distinctions
Ana Ivkov

Following your gut: how the intestinal environment shapes bacterial infections
Laurel Neufeld

Quantifying the Protective Value of Blue-Green Infrastructure during Coastal Disaster Events
Rithikha Rajamohan

Building Blocks for the OSI’s Space and Environmental Stewardship Index
Katie Rink

Understanding brain dynamics and behaviours in ASD
Jamie Wong



The winners will be decided at the live event, 11 AM, February 15, 2020 at ESB 1012.