The Organizers

Led by Che-Min, our team of eight students is comprised of upper-year undergraduates and graduate students from the various UBC departments in Life Sciences.

Che-Min Lee

Leader Coordinator

MSc Student, IOP: Year 2 

Q:If you could make any app, what would it be for?

A: I love to cook and eat with friends and family so I would make a “food diary” app with all the places, recipes, people, and memories around the food I’ve had!

Nikita Telkar

Marketing and Social Media Lead 

PhD Student, Medical Genetics: Year 2

Q: If you could time-travel to any time in history, where would it be?

A: Ancient Greece! To be able to experience the incredible scientific inventions, the daring political landscape, as well as the vibrant culture would be a total treat (and maybe even meet some of the creatures present in Greek mythology)

Scott Covey

Faculty Supervisor 

Associate Professor of Teaching, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Q: Which item do you buy way more of than is usual?

A: Gear. I buy far too much gear as I have too many outdoor hobbies

Amelia Tjoa

Workshops and Communications Coordinator

BSc Student, Microbiology & Immunology: Year 6

Q: If you could only have one food item or dish for the rest of time, which one would it be?

A: Assuming that I don’t die of malnutrition, bubble tea 🙂


Xue (Sheryl) Yin

Social Media Team

MSc Student, Forestry: Year 2

Q: Who or what do you think you might have been in a past life?

A: I must be an Atlantic sea turtle surfing on the ocean.

Kyle Stooshnov

Workshops & Communucations Coordinator

PhD Language and Literacy Education 2019

Q: Which secret skill do you think you might have

A: Retroprojecting my mind into scenes from my favourite movies or chapters of favourite books (often when I have multiple other things to do)

Johnson Liu

Web Coordinator

BKin Student, Neuromechanics & Physiological Sciences: Year 3

Q:If you could get a lifetime supply of something, what item would it be?

A: A lifetime supply of bike parts. These little components are impossible to comeby. Losing a specific screw on your bike could cost you a fortune because most shops won’t carry it! 

Phoebe Cheng

Social Media Team

BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2020

Q: If you could have afternoon tea with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?.

A: The person who came up with “apoptosis”. I genuinely need answers on how it is pronounced.

Razi Bayati

Workshops Team

MSc Engineering 2020

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: The superpower that I want is the ability to travel in time. I want to have a portal gun like Rick in Rick and Morty. I would travel to all the places in the world and experience everything. I will talk with as many people as possible and try as much food as possible. I will neither change the past nor the future; I just want to experience everything and pick the one I want to live in.

Past Organizers

Here is a list of past organizers who made this event possible! Although you are no longer with us, we sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done :^)




This undergraduate 3MT vs the Graduate 3MT?


The original 3 minute-thesis program was founded by the University of Queensland. UBC’s Undergraduate 3MT is not affiliated in any way with the University of Queensland but we would like to acknowledge and credit them with the original 3MT event conceptualization. Rules, structure, and scoring are all different to accommodate the undergraduate student level.


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