The Organizers


Led by Che-Min, our team of several students is comprised of upper-year undergraduates and graduate students from the various UBC departments.


Che-Min Lee (she/her)

Founder, Co-lead organizer

PhD Student, IOP: Year 3 

Hobbies: I play oboe and enjoy all things music, food, and exploring Vancouver with my friends. I also play goalkeeper for Team Handball!

Fun fact: My pinkies are two different sizes

Scott Covey (he/him)

Faculty Supervisor 

Associate Professor of Teaching, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Q: Which item do you buy way more of than is usual?

A: Gear. I buy far too much gear as I have too many outdoor hobbies

Amelia Tjoa (she/her)

Co-lead organizer

BSc Student, Microbiology & Immunology

Hobbies: I love to crochet! I spend my time out of the lab being a hermit in my room and crocheting stuffies

Fun fact: I have not owned a pair of jeans in at least 10 years


Vanessa Kim (she/her)


BA in Psychology & Minor in IR

Hobbies: Plants, reading & macrame!

Fun fact: My two greatest fears are spiders and interviews.


Johnson Liu (he/him)

Website, logistics

BKin Student, Neuromechanics & Physiological Sciences: Year 4

Hobbies: Cycling, anime, anything athletic 

Fun fact: I sleep with a bag of mandarins within arms reach. I love mandarins.

Samadhee Kaluarachchi (she/her)


3rd year B.Sc. student in Environmental Sciences

Hobbies: I enjoy playing piano, gardening, and taking pictures of whatever catches my attention!

Fun fact: I love whales and dolphins so much that at one point in my life, I challenged myself to name as many dolphin species as possible every day.

Phoebe Cheng (she/her)


BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2020

Hobbies: Drinking coffee and sleeping (no, not at the same time)

Fun fact: I was born and raised in Vancouver but have never once stepped foot in Surrey, BC

Tetiana Povshedna (she/her)


MSc in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Hobbies: Getting better at all the fun sports I’m currently bad at 

Fun fact: I didn’t know spikeball existed until 6 months ago

Past Organizers

Here is a list of past organizers who made this event possible! Although you are no longer with us, we sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done :^)



Nikita Telkar


Razi Bayati

Kyle Stooshnov

Xue (Sheryl) Yin

This undergraduate 3MT vs the Graduate 3MT?


The original 3 minute-thesis program was founded by the University of Queensland. UBC’s Undergraduate 3MT is not affiliated in any way with the University of Queensland but we would like to acknowledge and credit them with the original 3MT event conceptualization. Rules, structure, and scoring are all different to accommodate the undergraduate student level.


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